“Call Support” Pop-up alert

overworked business woman wearing a business suit working on her laptop holding a help sign on a white background
If ever you are browsing the web or working on your computer and get a pop-up alert telling you there is an issue with your computer or that you have a virus and to call support you should be very cautious.

Often times these pop-ups are a result of malware, viruses or hijacked websites. They tell you to call a toll-free number and will have you set up a remote connection to help “diagnose” your computer. Unfortunately, once you give them the remote access to your computer they will look for anything they can get to acquire personal information. They might use this to install ransomware that will lock up your computer until you pay to have it unlocked. Or they might sell you an antivirus program or other support services.

If you ever get a pop-up telling you to call support we strongly recommend you have a local expert look at your computer rather than trust a complete stranger from half way around the world. Our experts are trained in identifying these threats to your computer security and can help you avoid being scammed out of your hard earned money. When in doubt our computer tuneup will not only optimize your computer but does a full scan for virus and malware threats on your computer. Starting at only $69.95 we can have you up and running like new within 1 business day.

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